This site is an example of a Business Directory ADDREZ.  It  contains a directory of tenants and information about a variety of different businesses  based at this specific Address.

There are many ways that an ADDREZ may be used, and many different types of ADDREZs with different options and features depending on the functionality required.  If you’d like to find out how this ADDREZ can be converted, or more about ADDREZs in general, see

We’ve summarised below some of the features of the more popular types of ADDREZs :


a website, using a domain name based on a street address, with the primary aim of promoting the sale of a property.

Once the property is sold, this ADDREZ would (in most cases) be passed onto the new owner – for them to use (or not) as they so choose.


In its most simple form, and ADDREZ can simply be used as a plaform for your own email address – for example


An ADDREZ Blog is used to provide an ongoing commentary on what is going on at a particular address.  Like all blogs, it can be customised to meet the needs of the current owner – and is likely  change in purpose, content and style as people living/working/staying at the address come and go. Imagine how fun it would be reading an ADDREZ for somewhere that you used to live years ago, and catching up on what has happened there since you left.


An ADDREZ can be used to publicise or promote an event (or events) at a specific address – providing information about where, when , details on how to get there and even (if relevant) booking and payment capabilities.

Historical ADDREZ

An ADDREZ can be used to provide an historical record about a particular address, and provide a whole range of different types of information about what, who, where, why and when certain events or activities took place.  Information could include text, photos, videos and even document attachments.

Business ADDREZ

A Business ADDREZ would typically be used to promote a business, or a number of businesses at a particular address and can, to all intents and purposes mirror functionality of a traditional business website.